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WW1 3rd Ypres

Following the Battle of Arras the Tyneside Scottish Brigade spent a period refitting and training. On the 7th October 1917 the Battalions entrained for the Ypres Salient. The 34th Division were to move into the line in the Poelcapelle.

The Tyneside Scottish remained in the rear area, relieving the Tyneside Irish to take their place in the line 14th October 1917. They remained in the line till 20th October 1917, when they were relived, with one company of 20 NF (1TS) remaining.

Second Battle of Passchendaele - Minor Operations 22nd October 1917

The British Firth Army undertook two minor operations on the 22 October, one with the French First Army at Houlthulst Forest, the other east of Poelcapplle. The objective of the attack was to maintain pressure on the Germans while the Canadians Corps prepared for their assault, as well as supporting the French attack on Malmaison. The attack commenced at 05:00 am, with the French 1st Division and the British 35th Division attacking towards the Houlthulst Forest and the British 34th (including 102nd Tyneside Scottish Brigade) and 18th Divisions attacking from Poelcapplle. The French 1st Division successfully covered the left flank of the attack towards the Houlthulst Forest, while the British 35th Division initially managed to seize its first objectives but was forced back to its starting line by German counter-attacks. The left flank of the attack by the British 34th Division was unsuccessful, while the right flank managed to keep up with the attacking forces of the British 18th Division.

The attack carried out by the 34th Division was undertaken by 15th and 16th Royal Scots left, 1st Tyneside Irish (24 NF) and 4th Tyneside Irish (27th NF) on the right, and a company of 1st Tyneside Scottish (20 NF), standing fast in the centre to provide supporting fire.

Zero hour was 05:30 22nd October 1917, the battalions forming up behind a barrage. On the left, the 15th and 16th Royal Scots assault was met with heavy machine gun for from pill boxes, and a German counter attack drove them back. The action was a disaster.

The Tyneside Irish advance went well. During the advance they noticed that Requete Farm had been bypassed by the 18th Division, they attacked and were successful in driving the enemy out and capturing prisoners.

Following the action the Division, less the Divisional Artillery, was relieved by the 50th Division 24th October.1915 The 34th Divisional Artillery consisted of 160 (Wearside Brigade) and 152 Brigade.