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TSA 2012

Tyneside Scottish Association 2012

Handover of Chairman January 2012

Major Lee Byer's takes over from Peter Dodds as Chairman of the Tyneside Scottish Association.  

 Northern Region Royal Artillery Association
 24th March 2012.

The Tyneside Scottish Branch welcomed four new members over the past twelve months bringing the membership total to 46 members of which 36 are active.


 At the beginning of the year the association website was refurbished and new items added, this has led to numerous enquiries from people searching for details of relatives lost in both world wars. This is keeping the association historian very busy indeed.


The website is www.tynesidescottish.org.

Members again attended the National Assembly at Blackpool and had a very enjoyable time. Also in October two members, attended the RAA Gala weekend in Folkestone arriving after a 14 hour journey, however the very entertaining weekend far outweighed the rigours of the trip. Many thanks to the organisers of both events.


On the social front, in July members attended the Rauray dinner hosted by 204(Tyneside Scottish) Bty RA, and in November held their own inaugural dinner. Both events were a resounding success.


Wreath laying ceremonies were again carried out at the Cross on Lochnagar crater on 1st July 2011, and the Tyneside Scottish memorial seat at La Boiselle on November 11th 2011, in honour of the fallen Tyneside Scottish. These ceremonies were carried out courtesy of our affiliated association, Friends of Lochnagar Society.


The association standard was paraded at various venues throughout the year including the funeral of the late Mr Paul Kelly ex 50 Missile Regt, at Ashington, St Cuthberts Church Bedlington for their Heritage weekend, and the Remembrance services, culminating at the St Barbara’s Day Service and Celebration at Larkhill in December.


During the Remembrance period members attended various parades throughout North Tyneside and Newcastle. Remembrance crosses were planted at the Tyneside Scottish plot at the Field of Remembrance in London.


The association continues to support our troops in Afghanistan both actively and passively with three members at present attached to 5th Regt on Operation Herrick 15, and one member currently undergoing training for OP Herrick 16. We wish them and all deployed personnel a safe homecoming.


 Best wishes to all members and their families.

NVAA Battlefield Tour 2012 - Normandy

Majors Ian Jones and Lee Byers visited Normandy on the NVAA Battlefield Tour. During the tour the opportunity was taken to visit the Tyneside Scottish memorial ar Ducy-Ste-Marguerite. Unveiled in 1979 it remembers "those who fell whilst serving with the 1st Battalion Tyneside Scottish The Black Watch (RHR) during June ,July, and August 1944"

Tyneside Scottish Memorial Ducy-Ste-Marguerite

Association Chairman, Major Lee Byers, placed a memorial cross on the memorial on behalf of the Association.
TSA Chairman Lee Byers placing memorial cross
Church Ducy-Ste-Marguerite
As part of the Remembrance phase of the tour, a visit was made to the Bayeux Military Cemetery and Memorial. Here memorial crosses were laid on the graves of fallen Tyneside Scots and at the memorial which records those with no known grave.

Bayeux Military Cemetery

1st Battallion Tyneside Scottish (Black Watch) - Bayeux Cemetery
RankInitialsSurnameDate of DeathAge
SerjeantA KASHER01/07/194425
Lance CorporalJ HBELL05/07/194425
PrivateJ HCALDWELL01/07/194429
LieutenantD CWALLACE01/07/194420

Bayeux Military Memorial

Tyneside Scottish

1st Battallion Tyneside Scottish (Black Watch) - Bayeux Memorial

RankInitialsSurnameDate of DeathAge
LieutenantR CBOLTON01/07/194430
PrivateD H WDORRELL01/07/194418
PrivateJ AGIBSON10/07/194428
PrivateD LHUGHES01/07/194419
Lance CorporalEJEWITT01/07/194424
PrivateT HMcLINTOCK01/07/194424
PrivateD SO'CONNOR01/07/194417

Dedication of the Association Standard St Cuthberts Bedlington
29th April 2012

The Association Standard was dedicated at a service in St Cuthberts Church, Bedlington.

Association President Colonel AAE Glenton lead a parade of the Tyneside Scottish Association, 204 (Tyneside Scottish) Battery Royal Artillery (V) and Air force Cadets to the church.

Joined by members of the congregation of St Cuthberts, the service was held in the resting place of the colour of the 2nd Battalion Tyneside Scottish.

The standard was dedicated by the Padre of Royal Marine Reseve Tyne.

Following the service the Association, Battery members, and cadets were able to mix with the church members at a buffet kindly provided by the church.

Many thanks to the congregation of St Cuthbert's for all their help and support to the Association.

TSA Standard Dedication St Cuthberts Bedlington

Commandant Northumbria ACF Tyneside Scottish

Colonel David Middleton in his role as County Commadant Northumbria Army Cadet Force is wearing Tyneside Scottish headress during his tenure as commandant.

On Armed Forces day 2012, the cadets received the Freedom of Northumberland. The event was held at Alnwick Castle, the Tyneside Scottish Brigade deploying there in 1915 in a camp that overlooked by the castle.

Tyneside Scottish Alnwick 2012

Northumbria ACF Armed Forces Day

ACF Kingston Park Detachment Rebadge to Tyneside Scottish 


Association members attended the re-badging of the Kingston Park ACF Detachment to Tyneside Scottish.

Sponsored by 204 (Tyneside Scottish) Battery RA (V), the young cadets joined the Tyneside Scottish family, exchanging their Royal Artillery beters for a Tam o Shanter.

ACF County Commandant (and assocaition member) Colonel David Middleton, who has adopted the Balmoral as his headress, took the salute as the newly badged cadets marched off led by the pipeband.

They join the Heaton Manor Shool Detachment as the only detachments representing the Tyneside Scottish.


Bedlington Herritage Day
Source: Geograph.Org.UK

Fred Povey and Ray Warner represented the Association at Bedlington St Cuthbert’s Church's open day on 8th September. The day was part of the Northumberland Heritage Open Days, with Fred and Ray answering many questions of visitors to the Memorial Chapel within the church.

As an appreciation of the assistance the Church has provided to the TSA, Fred Povey presented Reverend Derry Twomey with a framed association badge.

Tyneside Scottish ACF cadets and members of Bedlington ATC marched behind the Pipes and Drums of the Tyneside Scottish to the church. Visitors were then treated to renditions form the Pipe Band.

Nothumbria ACF web site - St Cuthbert’s opens its door to Heritage


St Cuthbert’s opens its door to Heritage

On Saturday 8th September, St Cuthberts Church in Bedlington, as part of the Heritage Open Day, endeavoured to further raise awareness of, the over one thousand years of history within the confines of the church, to the many visitors who came to see the building as part of the event.

Members of the church were on hand to explain how the church had evolved over the years and had faced historical strife as well as changes in the religious ministry. There had been a number of major changes to the structure of the building since it’s Norman roots in 1120, (although it goes back further than that). To the friendly and social building which we see today.

The Memorial Chapel is situated in a part of the church which can be traced back to the year 1400, it has a history of its own, being converted in 1920 by the local coal companies, as a memorial to the local men who gave their lives in the first World War. This was the subject of a great deal of interest, members of the Tyneside Scottish Association, who represent the battalions of local men who were involved in the infamous Battle of the Somme as well as other battles during the 1914/18 war, were on hand to explain the significance of the chapel and the local history which it contains. During the day Fred Povey and Ray Warner of the Association, presented a framed Illuminated copy of the associations badge to the Revd Derry Twomey, to cement the association which has developed between them and the church.

In addition to the Heritage aspect of the day, there were a series of craft stalls in the community space of the church, together with a cake stall which was very well received. 2252 (Bedlington) Squadron Air Training Corp had a display including a flight simulator, which raised considerable interest especially with the Army Cadets who are attached to the Tyneside Scottish and who were making their first visit to St Cuthbert’s, refreshments were served all day.

There was also a musical aspect, with Bedlington Community High School providing a steel band, who started playing at the start of the day providing a very distinctive sound, which was very much appreciated by our many visitors. These were followed by the Pipes and Drums of 204 Battery (Tyneside Scottish) Royal Artillery, who led a parade of ATC and Cadets, up to and into church, before filling the building with a repertoire of stirring pipe music which vibrated around the building and had all visitors tapping their feet, a very fitting climax to a very productive and instructive occasion.

Following the Heritage Day, on Sunday 9thSeptember, the service at 9.30a.m. had a Georgian theme, with several of the congregation in period dress. The service followed in the ways of the period, the sermon was given with considerable fervour by the Revd Ian Hennebry in the manner of the Revd Henry Coates, who was vicar of St Cuthbert’s Bedlington from 1788 to 1835. He had great aspirations and compassion and was responsible for one of the many changes to the structure of the church. It was a very moving and at times very humorous sermon, which was a very fitting conclusion to a weekend which had been inspirational in searching and researching the heritage of our wonderful historic building.

Op Drum

4th - 8th October

The Tyneside Scottish Association together with Heaton Manor (Tyneside Scottish) Detatchment Northumbria ACF deployed to France and Belgium to repatriate a Drum lost by the 1st Battalion Tyneside Scottish (Black Watch) in 1940.

The drum ceremony was held in Erquinhem- Lys together with the Somme Battlefield Pipeband, the Flanders Jocks, representatives from the Royal Artillery Association Royal and the British Legion.

The Association also visted the Somme and Flanders battlefields following the actions of the Tynside Scottish Brigade. Small commemoration services were held at the Tyneside memorial La Boisselle and Tyne Cot.

Operation Drum France / Belgium 2013

Association members and the TS cadets paraded behind the Somme Battlefield Pipeband at the Menin Gate on the Saturday evening after the Drum ceremony.

Local Grave Commemoration

10th November 2012

Association members held a small ceremony at the graves of two fallen Tyneside Scots burried in Earsdon (St Ablans) Cemetery on Saturday 10th November. Private Peter Lockey was the first TS to die in WW1, whilst Private 'Dannie' Bell survived the war, but died of wounds in 1919.

 Earsdon St Albans
                  Fred Povey      Ian Jones               Ray Warner
  Geoff Hughes   Albert Bohill         Dave Wilson          
TSA members at Private Lockey's grave


Grave of Private Lockey

 First recorded casualty to the Tynesie Scottish recorded on the Commonmealth Wag Graves Commission database

GWGC Information

Tyneside Scottish ROH Private P Lockey 

Bernie Cowen lays a wreath at the grave of Private Bell

TSA members at Private Bell's grave
Private 'Danny' Bell was believed to have been wounded 1st July 1916. He  survived World War one, but eventualy sucumbed to his wounds in 1919.


  Remembrance Sunday

11th November 2012 

Association members paraded at Eldon Square on Remembrance Sunday. Branch Secretary Bernie Cowen laid a wreath on behalf of the Assocaition with Albert Bohill carrying the standard. Other members on parade included Colonel Middleton, Commandant Northumbria ACF, Major Ian Jones, laying a wreath on behalf of the Northumberland Volunteer Artillery Association. Leading the marching contingent of 101 (Northumbrian) Regiment RA (V) was association member Major Bill Murray, and included Major (QM) Lee Byers and members of 204 (Tyneside Scottish) Battery RA (V).

Veterans prepare to lay wreaths at Old Eldon Square, Newcastle
Source: ChonicleLive.co.uk

Standards march past. Albert Bohill with the Association Standard
Source: CWhatPhotos
Marching Contingent 101 (Northumbrian) Regiment RA (V)
Source: CWhatPhotos

On returning to Kingston Park TAC, members enjoyed a curry lunch...... served by the Branch Chairman, Major (QM) Lee Byers.

Commanding Officer 101 Regiment requests a raspberry ripple from the branch Chairman