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The Royal Artillery Association was started on 26 May 1920 to create a ‘Gunner Friend’ network organisation in every part of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth; in essence to create and foster a bond of comradeship irrespective of rank between all who are serving or who have ever served as artillerymen, to maintain and promote the proud traditions of ‘Ubique’. It was also designed to watch and help those in need or distress and maintain contact with old comrades. It raised its money from annual and life subscriptions and after running costs funds were used to further the aims of the Association. Her Majesty The Queen is the Patron.

Organised in regions each with their own districts based on county boundaries; each district contains a number of branches. The small staff at Artillery House administers the Association on a day to day basis, helps branches as required and organises national events for the members. Comradeship is mainly fostered through regular meetings, normally once a month, of branches, where members get together for a meeting to plan activities and have a quiet drink or two to discuss life and to watch over members and their dependants who are in need. Branches meet wherever they can find suitable rooms; some in public houses, some in Royal British Legion clubs, some in other military clubs and some in village and church halls. There are branches throughout England, Scotland and Northern Ireland; and in Germany, Australia, Bermuda and South Africa.
 Royal Artilley Association Tyneside Scottish Branch
 Remembrance Sunday is a time when serving and former members of Her Majesty’s Armed forces come together to remember those lost un the service of their country. It is time to catch up with old comrades, reminisce, and for Tyneside Scots, to once again hear the skirl of the pipes. A fond farewell till next year....but why wait that long to enjoy the comradeship we all enjoyed over the years.
So in November 2005 the idea of a Tyneside Scottish Association (TSA) was put forward. With the support of the Battery Commander, the ever efficient PSAO and the kind permission of the Battery Sergeant Major to use the Sergeants Mess, the inaugural meeting took place in January 2006. The Honorary Colonel, Colonel AAE Glenton CBE TD FCA DL , a former Battery Commander 204 Battery, agreed to become the president, and with a concerted recruiting effort the Association was soon up strength.
The Tyneside Scottish within the Royal Artillery has actually covered most branches of the Royal Regiment; indeed the membership includes those who have worn the Red Hackle as Anti-Aircraft, Medium, Field, MLRS, Surveillance and Target Acquisition, and Artillery Staff Gunners. It was therefore not surprising that the TSA looked to their Gunner heritage to become a branch of the Royal Artillery Association (RAA). On the 9th April 2009 they received their RAA certificate of formation.

Albert Bohill receives Tyneside Scottish Branch certificate of incorporation from
Lt. Col. Ian Vere Nichol General Secretary Royal Artillery Association
Tyneside Scottish Branch RAA
Tyneside Scottish Branch RAA
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